Blockchain AI Research

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Intelligence + Incentives = Impact

BLAIR - Intelligence, Incentives, Impact

The BLAIR (Blockchain AI Research) initiative at DS3Lab ETH Zurich is working on augmenting artificial intelligence with empirical cryptonomics. We believe that the symbiosis between AI and distributed ledger technology creates a novel field of research that can lead us to truly intelligent autonomous organisations, decentralized sustainability and infinite possibilities.


Open-Source Course Decentralized A.I.
We are developing an open-source course which explores the intersections and possibilities between AI and decentralized technology.

Whitepaper Circle
We provide a weekly whitepaper circle where we discuss the newest trends in the crypto community.

Bachelor / Master Thesis
We offer a variety of Bachelor and Master Thesis projects at the intersection of AI and distributed ledger technology at DS3Lab in collaboration with other partners. Please feel free to contact us.