Blockchain + AI Research (BLAIR)

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Intelligence + Incentives = Impact

BLAIR - Intelligence, Incentives, Impact

The BLAIR (Blockchain + AI Research) initiative at DS3Lab ETH Zurich is working on augmenting artificial intelligence with empirical cryptoeconomics. We believe that the symbiosis between AI and distributed ledger technology creates a novel field of research that can lead us to truly intelligent autonomous organisations, decentralized sustainability and infinite possibilities.


Open-Source Course Decentralized A.I.
We are developing an open-source course which explores the intersections and possibilities between AI and decentralized technology.

Whitepaper Circle
We provide a weekly whitepaper circle where we discuss the newest trends in the crypto community.

Bachelor / Master Thesis
We offer a variety of Bachelor and Master Thesis projects at the intersection of AI and distributed ledger technology at DS3Lab in collaboration with other partners. Please feel free to contact us.